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Meet Ami!

Well, Hello there!  Welcome to my digital home.  Come on in! 


I always say our home has a revolving door for our friends and this space should be no different.  Come back and come back often! 


Let me know you were here and sign in! 

That way I can keep you in the know on all the things.

I am a mom to 3 adult sized children and a wife to Darrin. 

At times our home has felt like a zoo, but right now we have a big Yellow Lab, Sophie and two feisty kitties, Jamie and Leo. 

We live in a quiet community in Southwest Indiana. 

We value community, our family, friends, going on adventures, staying up to date on all the Marvel movies and simply being together.
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The Early Years

A baby?

Did you say Makeup?



I was certain I would be a very successful Physician but, things changed as they sometimes do.  I graduated with Respiratory Therapy and Health Services degrees.  And there I stood, in my scrubs, staring at the rest of my life.  My thought was; is this it?  I knew I wasn’t already supposed to be burned out and wondering if I chose the “right” career.


The day before I left for maternity leave, I was told that I would not have a job to return to.  I stayed home with my daughter for 4 months.  I found a part-time Pharmaceutical Sales position which led to a job with a non-profit.  It was there where I realized I needed another avenue of income.

Mary Kay cosmetics entered my life in 2001.  I needed fun money and I figured selling lipstick was just the ticket.  1 year later I quit my full-time job, earned a car and never looked back.  I have been a Consultant and Sales Director for almost 17 years.  I have learned how to lead, coach, empower and love the women around me.  I found it was in the 1-1 appointments that I valued building relationships, encouraging women to their best life and seeing first hand goals realized.


About 3 years ago it became increasingly obvious that starting my own Life Coaching business was in the works.  At first I kept it secret, silently turning it over and over in my mind. Then I opened up and had conversations regarding my career change.  Currently, I’m coaching several women on a regular basis with plans for group coaching and public speaking.  I love owning my own business, it allows me flexibility and the space to design my life.

I am committed to helping my clients move forward by setting personal and professional goals that will pave the way to the life they REALLY want. I provide insight, encouragement, accountability and in doing so help my clients uncover and dismantle their limiting beliefs.

I have walked the road of life change a couple of times over.  I have the insight of moving in, moving up and moving out of careers.  I understand the pressures of building a business and working full-time as a mom to 3 children.  I’m passionate about navigating shame, fear and uncertainty.  I’m passionate about life.  Care to join me?

A Fork in the Road

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