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Can we teach each other how to learn to love our bodies?

Can we teach each other how to learn to love our bodies?

*Despite social conditioning?

*Despite religious shaming?

*Despite abuse?

*Despite our own judgement?

*Despite ongoing sexualization from a fearful society?

When can we gaze upon ourselves as a work of art?

As a vessel that was created to do good things.

As a home for the soul.

As a collection of miraculous systems, designed to work, love, create and experience. As an ever changing crazy complicated neural network that vibrates to the tune of our own aliveness.

Our awakeness

This is more than body positivity. This is deep down knowing.

Our soft and vulnerable and tough and protective body was never meant to be;

*Owned by those who seek to control.

*To be cursed as if it is evil.

*Plunged into darkness because it is shameful to be exposed.

*Feared in case it is too big, too small, too misshapen or too broken.

*Terrorized by those who inhabit similar but “better” versions of another body that was deemed preferred by society.

When will we stand in a lighted room, before and a mirror, and look without the sting of guilt, shame and judgement?

When will we admire the beauty?

When will we extend an olive branch to our tender hearts, asking for forgiveness?

Our bodies are glorious and deserve our nurturing, not an averted glance and discounted care.

As a Coach, I can help you with limiting beliefs that we encounter daily. Just click on my contact heading above and complete the form to set up a Discovery Session!

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