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Crappy First Batch

My first round of pancakes are usually always trash. I'm 51 and this was my latest, first batch. I looked at them and laughed because HOW??

It must be a universal rule.

The next 2-3 batches were perfectly round and beautiful. I knew they would be because of the hundreds of pancakes I've made in the past AND..

It's a universal rule of subsequent batches.


This is life and it's embedded in everything we do

The first batch sucks. It just does. I don't care if it's your first rough draft, a voice recording, your first cartwheel or learning how to drive.

The key is summoning up the courage to try again. If I was so distraught over that first batch and convinced that my pancake making skills were trash, I might have thrown out the mix. But I didn't. Which is great because hungry people and I knew better was coming.

Later that day I was listening to a @simonsinek podcast and they discussed this very concept using pancakes!!


The courage to try again knowing better is coming is woven into so much of what we do in our day to day lives. Please don't base your results on, as @annelamott calls it, your shitty first draft. You're just getting started.

I wish you courage

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