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Cut the Cord

Man, I’ve heard it all.

I’m too loud.🤐 I’m too much.🤯 I talk too much.🤬 I’m too sensitive.🥺 I’m clumsy.🤕 An outsider.👽 I didn’t fit in. 🤪

My 7, 10, 13, 16 and 18 year old self heard these statements, committed them to some kind of concrete memory as truth.

I was just a little girl.

Then I reminded that same little girl that their words were careless, judgmental and merely opinions.

They weren’t MY truth. Time for some empowerment.

I have a strong, confident voice. I’m extremely empathic. I’m an encourager. I’m a strong badass woman 👊💪 I was not meant to fit in. I belong.

Perspective is everything and I’m tired of letting someone else’s words define who I am.

Y’all, some of us have been carrying those around for decades.

Cut. The. Cord.

Remind yourself you’re not broken. Your perspective just needs a little adjustment 😘😘

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