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Clothing, Scarcity and Freedom

Anytime I add a new item to my wardrobe, I take out an item and either sell it or donate it. In my case today, I took our SEVERAL items. Like 4 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets and 3 tops.

If I haven’t worn them in the last year, out they go. That’s the goal at least. Don’t worry I still have the thought process that goes something like this. “I might need this to wear to a wedding.” Or “What if I get invited to a Western themed party.” Or, “ I bet I could make this go with something. I just haven’t found that something yet.”

Ultimately I want to have a closet that contains only the items that I love and wear regularly.

Now, choosing the items that needed to move only took me 5 minutes. It wasn’t painful and was quite simple. The discipline behind this activity pours over into my shopping.

If I purchase it, I must absolutely love it. Period.

Scarcity held me hostage for far too long. It held me hostage to an overflowing closet. A closet full of items that were not my size. Items that were ill fitting. Items that maybe had tears (NOT my ripped jeans) or were stained.

Scarcity told me the more I have the better and more secure I’ll feel. And yet, despite my best efforts, I felt just the opposite. I never had enough. Never.

I was constantly looking for that next great buy. Then I realized that I was trying to fill a hole that clothing, or home décor or new shoes will never fill. I realized that I am ok just the way I am with what I have.

New purchases will not make me better. Ever.

So, if you can relate, take a look around your house.

Grab a box.

Load it up in 5 minutes.

Notice the relief you feel.

That’s freedom.

Scarcity and your stuff no longer need to hold you hostage.

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