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Happiness Habits

My mom used to say I looked at the world just a little differently.

Everything was magical.

*Because it was.

I smiled at others, found delight in discarded pennies and extracted the maximum amount of fun out of every situation.

As an adult, I can still find that little girl enthusiasm seeping out. I used to think it’s just how I was made but it’s also in my habits;

1) Smile. Smile often.

2) Laugh. Just the sound of laughter makes me want to laugh myself. I wonder if recorded laughing would be helpful on my down days?

3) Every morning I write down what I’m grateful for. At least 5. It makes ALL the difference.

4) Anne Lamott suggests saying “Thank You” as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. I do. It makes me smile. See #1.

5) Exercise. Move daily. Especially in the winter, at the gym. There’s music, it’s warm, well lit and people who WANT to be there. I always leave feeling light and free.

6) I regulate my social media feed like it’s my job. I look forward to looking at it. Not because I’m addicted but because I have crafted who and what I see. No white supremacists or super grumpy people allowed.

7) I eat good food for nutrition and the occasional diet coke.

8) I find pleasure in food but even more so in other things. A great book. An awesome roller coaster. An evening walk with my husband. Journaling in the quiet of the morning and dancing with my kids.

9) Sunshine is my jam. Happiness rays.

10) Authenticity. When I show up as myself, freedom and happiness abound.

And there you have it. I live my life on purpose with positive expectancy.

And that makes all the difference!

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