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So I had an anxiety attack.

Social media presents a problem. What we share is perceived either superficial or too negative. Too real.

I’ve decided to be transparent with you, my followers ❤

Last week was exhausting, overwhelming and difficult. My husband and I crammed a ton of activity into a short period of time. We had fun but it left me drained.

Take that and mix in work responsibilities, uncertain financial obligations, mistakes resulting from said overwhelm and I found myself in a perfect recipe for a complete breakdown.

I was at rock bottom Saturday. Full of fear and feeling like a complete failure. I cried more that day than the few months prior. The week previous I ran from the impending meltdown instead of running right to it.

I prayed, meditated, exercised and talked. Nothing worked until I stopped long enough and realized I was having an anxiety attack.

I released any judgement I had about myself and my situation. Especially what you may think of me if I told you. I sat with it long enough to learn what was going on with me, hormonally and situationally. Coaching helped😉

The real deal? I’m human and so are you.

Be gentle with yourself.

If you’ve had a rough week or are grieving a change in your life, please know that I understand. Dial down your expectations and just breathe.

Don’t hesitate to get help. You are loved.


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